Free developer support, contributions

In order to avoid spam, we require to subscribe before sending an email to the list. Emails sent from an address not registered in the mailing list are automatically rejected.


For questions related to Linphone's source code, patches, technical issues, submitting bugfixes… subscribe to linphone-developers mailing list

The Linphone team and external contributors reply on the mailing list on a best effort basis.


We invite anyone that wishes to get in touch with Flexisip's developer team to subscribe to flexisip-developers mailing list. It is the place where to discuss technical issues related to Flexisip and/or submit patches.


In order to submit a patch for inclusion in linphone's source code:

  • First make sure your patch applies to latest git sources before submitting: patches made to old versions can't be merged.
  • Fill out and send us the Contributor Agreement for your patch to be included in the git tree. The goal of this agreement to grant us peaceful exercise of our rights on the linphone source code, while not losing your rights on your contribution.

Report a bug

For questions related to usage, compilation, bug reports… Subscribe to linphone-users mailing list

Professional support, commercial requests

Belledonne Communications company is actively developing and maintaining Linphone and its related projects. It offers professional support and assistance service, and commercial licensing for companies using or integrating Linphone within their products.