Linphone 4.3 for iOS and Android

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iOS - push notifications

This version implements the new push notifications mechanisms required by Apple for Xcode 11 compatibility.

To adapt to these restrictions, the following modifications have been performed in Linphone app:

  • use of PushKit notifications for incoming calls only
  • changes in the app CallKit integration
  • development of an app extension dedicated to notifications management for incoming messages

Android - new features

This version brings various fixes and the following new features:

  • message forwarding
  • storing of attachments (files received by message) in the private app repository. Stored files will be automatically deleted from this repository when the user deletes the corresponding text message or conversation.


Developers can find detailed guidelines for integrating with iOS push notifications in the Getting started session of our public wiki.

Linphone's source code is available for integration on release/4.3 branch of linphone-ios and linphone-android projects.

The complete list of changed features and fixed issues is available in the changelog file of each project.