Job opportunities available

Belledonne Communications, the company running Linphone and Flexisip open source projects, is looking for software developers to hire in order to expand its activities and R&D efforts.

Linphone Android 2.5.1 and iOS 2.4 releases

In order to better follow the mobile platform evolutions and demonstrating with quicker delays the new features we develop in Linphone, we have decided to increase the frequency of our releases. From now on, a minimum of 4 releases per year is scheduled for Android and iOS, and a minimum of two releases for the desktop edition (Mac, Windows, Linux).

Linphone Android 2.4.0 release

In this  release, you will find the following major enhancements:

  • Collect and upload logs available,
  • Chat view can be rotated,
  • Reworked file transfer in chat,
  • AAC-ELD audio codec added,