Customize your interface with remote provisioning

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For several years now, the settings of Linphone applications have been customizable remotely through the import of a configuration file, which replaces default settings. We regularly enrich the list of parameters that can be modified to provide your users with an experience closer to their needs and the service you wish to provide.

Now, this remote provisioning mechanism allows for customizing the available features for each user, for example, by disabling video calls, instant messaging, or group calls. We have also integrated a graphical theme management mechanism into the application, allowing for the definition of different pre-embedded themes.

These dynamic remote provisioning files can be generated by a third-party server or by our own remote provisioning server available in our Flexisip Account Manager software (see the Gitlab project : flexisip-account-manager).

Once generated, the configuration file can be shared with the end-user in the form of a URL or QR code. The user then simply needs to open the Linphone application, enter the URL, or scan the QR code to download the configuration file and apply its settings, and the application's theme will automatically change. This customized theme will modify the main colors of Linphone as well as the application logo displayed in the "About" view, providing you with a personalized interface in your colors. Please note that Linphone's privacy policies remain unchanged and cannot be modified.

Unlike a true "rebranding" service for the app that we also offer, here the application remains the Linphone application, downloadable from the Apple and Google stores or from our website. This allows for offering a first level of customization to organizations that do not wish to manage their own application build.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in setting up a graphical theme or a complete remote configuration mechanism for Linphone, tailored to your organization!

Available upon request in the next version of Linphone.