Discover the company behind the Linphone open source project

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Would you like to find out more about us? Well, we'd like to open our doors to you!  

You already know us as a software publisher, a technology provider and as the designer of the Linphone project. We offer you a complete, secure and interoperable unified communications solution for voice and video over IP and instant messaging.

So who is Belledonne Communications? 

Let’s start at the beginning: our company name is ‘Belledonne Communications’ but we’re not a communications agency. Our name is a composition of ‘Belledonne’, the mountain range in our region, and ‘Communications’, the core of our business, which is real-time telecommunications.

Belledonne Communications is an independent company that has been developing open source projects for over 13 years. Does one of our flagship products, such as Linphone, Flexisip or Liblinphone, ring a bell? Belledonne Communications teams have developed, improved and distributed these products to meet your needs.

Founded in 2010 by Simon Morlat and Jehan Monnier, two software development engineers who spent 10 years with Hewlett Packard’s telecom division in Grenoble, the company now employs 25 people, including 17 developers. Over the years, we’ve moved into new markets and expanded our range of services, but our identity has remained the same: 100% developed in France and open source, in the capital of the Alps.

  • 2 million sales in 2022
  • +900k downloads of Linphone to smartphones
  • +2,600 visits per day to
  • +16,000 commits to the liblinphone project (our VoIP library on which Linphone is based)
  • +645k users of
  • 70 companies on our support contract in 2023

In this edition, we’d like to share our corporate values with you, along with a video to help you get to know us, discover us or rediscover us

Why is it important to share our corporate values with you? Values provide direction, maintain cohesion and give meaning to our mission. Our values are just as important for our teams as they are for our customers. In fact, everything we do in-house is transposed to our customers’ projects. So, in addition to dedicating our expertise to responding to your needs, our teams support you throughout the life of your project. Our aim is to build a solid, transparent and trusting business relationship with you. The secret of optimal collaboration lies in shared values:

1. COMMITMENT: ‘Committed and loyal to our customers and our teams’. 

  • To offer dedicated and efficient technical support to our customers
  • Strictly respect copyrights and intellectual property rights, and offer simple, clear commercial contracts. 

2. AMBITION: ‘Let’s be creative, nothing is impossible a priori!’

  • Propose quality deliverables that are competitive with market leaders, thanks to strong R&D investment  
  • Achieve our goals through a pragmatic and realistic approach.

3. COOPERATION: ‘Each person’s talents at the service of collaborative working’.

  • Promote collaborative working and knowledge-sharing, including in customer relations
  • Cooperation between different departments.

4. CLOSENESS: ‘Be available for your team, your customers and in action ’.

  • Listening to customers and colleagues
  • Facilitate exchanges. 

5. KINDNESS: ‘Taking care of others for a harmonious working environment’.

  • Strive for a quality relationship with our customers 
  • Always show goodwill.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information!