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The Linphone application already offered a range of advanced features, including voice messaging, document transfer and push notifications.

From now on, Linphone 5.1 offers additional features for an even more enjoyable and functional user experience!

Discover what’s new in 5.1 on desktop and mobile (Android & iOS):

  • The online profile displays the user’s status (online or last logged in):
    • if the user is online, this will be symbolized by a green dot online.png,
    • if the user is offline, the orange dot will be offline.png,
    • for reasons of confidentiality, you can deactivate your status indicator. By default, this feature is activated for accounts;
  • The IMDN (Instant Message Delivery Notification) status of the last message sent in the conversation list is shown: 
    • this allows you to see in your conversation list whether the recipient has seen your message without having to enter the conversation;
  • An assisted call transfer feature is now available (see article);
  • A shortcut for sending emojis
    • by selecting the large smiley on the right emojis.png in your message bar, a window in the application will open to the emojis,
    • if you send an emoji on its own in a conversation, it will display in a bigger size;

  • The addition of automatic configuration by clicking on a dedicated link in a browser using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme:
    • this feature lets you configure the application automatically. You no longer need to enter the link by typing, but instead can simply click on a link that installs the configuration itself. Note that you must already have downloaded the Linphone application;
  • Support for business contacts on iOS: 
    • addition of a “company” field in the contact form;
  • Improved chat performance and fluidity on iOS thanks to the switch from Objective-C to Swift;
  • Improved security when the encrypted storage mode is enabled:
    • this mode is now also available on the Linphone desktop version,
    • find out more (here);
  • Increased security for our service: 
    • to create a Linphone account, you’ll need to activate push notifications.

Here are some specific new features added to the desktop version (already available on mobile):

  • Add/view a contact from a message;
  • Ability to mute conversations and remove notifications;
  • New language support (Czech);
  • New layout for chat bubbles in conversations. From now on, you’ll see your answers on the right in orange and the other user’s answers on the left in grey. 

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