Evolution of FlexiSIP Account Manager

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Users are at the core of any service, as without them, the service has no purpose. It is therefore essential to have tools tailored to their management.

That's why we have evolved our Flexisip Account Manager to offer new features and simplify the work of Flexisip service administrators. This update includes a new graphical interface in addition to the REST API (FlexiAPI) for user management.

As a reminder, the Flexisip Account Manager component allows administrators of SIP services based on our Flexisip server to create and use a user account management system via three components:

  • A REST API: FlexiAPI manages user accounts via a set of endpoints. It can be easily integrated into an existing administration portal.
  • A remote provisioning server: capable of generating configuration files compatible with Linphone. This aims to facilitate the deployment of the Linphone application for users, with many Linphone settings preconfigured (codecs to use, default encryption protocols, and user account information).
  • An administration platform, based on FlexiAPI: this front-end, previously in beta mode, allows administrators to manage their user fleets and allows service users to manage their personal accounts. It is aimed at organizations seeking a turnkey SIP account management solution, while FlexiAPI is intended for organizations preferring to develop their own human-machine interface.

This new version of Flexisip Account Manager introduces the following new features:

1. Account Management:

  • Mass import of contacts: it is now possible to create accounts massively on your FlexiSIP service by importing accounts via a CSV file.
  • Management of connected devices: you can now, from a user's profile, view and remove one or more devices associated with a user.
  • Provisioning link / QR code: you can directly generate a QR code or remote provisioning link for a user from their profile. The user then simply needs to scan the code or enter the link in the application to configure their account.

2. Contact list management:

Now, you can create and manage contact lists containing users from your service or external SIP addresses. Once created, these lists can be assigned to users of your service, and the contacts they contain will be added to the address books of your users in their Linphone client.

3. Statistics:

With this new feature, you can track the usage of your service using graphs showing the number of accounts created, calls made, and messages exchanged. These graphs offer filtering flexibility by date, period, or contact list. Additionally, you have the option to view specific statistics for an account in its user profile.

Additionally, you have the ability to view specific statistics for an account in its user profile.

In conclusion

This update of FlexiSIP Account Manager aims to improve the platform's usability, introduce new features, and simplify management for administrators, all with a more attractive graphical interface.

Please note that during 2024, we will continue to expand the features, including an interface for remote configuration management, advanced multi-domain management, and an alert system to monitor the status of the Flexisip service.

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