Flexisip 2.1 now available for CentOS8 and Debian10

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This 2.1 release brings support for CentOS8 and Debian10 GNU/Linux distributions. The list of officially supported Linux distributions is now available on our public Wiki, for each Flexisip version.

The Flexisip packaging process has entirely been reworked in order to embed Flexisip and its dependencies such as liblinphone inside a single package, which simplifies the upgrade of Flexisip. Thus, a given version of Flexisip is now strongly bound to a specific version of the Linphone SDK.

A new service called the 'RegEvent server' has been added to the Flexisip server suite, with support for the RFC3680 (A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Registrations). The aim of this RegEvent service is to facilitate federation of SIP services, for example when two SIP services from different companies have to communicate with end-to-end encrypted IM.

A lot of work has also be done around the management of Apple's and Google's push notifications, such as the usage of HTTP/2 protocol for Firebase push notifications.

The complete list of added features and changes has been listed in Flexisip changelog file.

Read the Flexisip installation guide to know how to install Flexisip from our repositories.

Source code is available on our GitHub.