Linphone 2.0 for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Belledonne Communications today announced the new release of Linphone for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The new version V2.0 for iPhone, iPad and Android, available immediately, includes significant enhancements in the new ergonomic shape with a curved face interface, the integration of the address book and an account creation assistant.

Two major new core features have been added : a text messaging feature (chat) with delivery status notification and ICE support (RFC 5246) to allow peer to peer audio & video connections without media relay server.

Also, Linphone integrates the new following features :

  • Built in SIP account creation assistant coupled with our free SIP service on
  • Rich call history-Integrated (in-app) settings for iOS
  • Use of push notification (requires compatible SIP server) for more reliable incoming call or chat notification
  • Display of advanced call statistics
  • Low bandwidth mode: make audio calls over EDGE


Linphone (the softphone) and Liblinphone (the SDK engine) sources are available with git.

The application Linphone 2.0 can be downloaded directly :