Major new features are available in linphone 4.3 for desktop platforms

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This new release brings the following major new features:

  • group instant messaging, with administrator mode (for management of participants) and display of all users' devices being part of the chatroom
  • end-to-end encryption for instant messaging and file sharing, using Linphone Instant Messaging Encryption
  • ephemeral messaging: once it has been read by recipients, sent/received messages and shared files disappear after a pre-selected time (per-participant mode)
  • LDAP integration for contacts search: it is now possible to configure a LDAP server address via the app's settings, so that the app main search bar now also searches for contacts remotely using the LDAP server
  • address book connectors: custom plugins can be imported via the app's settings for automatic contact synchronisation. 
  • attended transfer: while in a call, users can now choose between blind transfer and attended transfer
  • search bars have been added to the left-hand timeline and history views, so that users can quickly find a past conversation and search for a specific chat message or shared file

Most of these new features - especially those related to advanced messaging functionalities - are available for SIP accounts only. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to deploy the same kind of SIP service for your company internal usage or for OEM projects, using our Flexisip server suite.

The complete list of added features and changes has been listed in linphone-desktop changelog file.

Linphone for desktop can be downloaded for free from our website.

Source code is available on our GitHub.