New release of Linphone 4.2 for iOS and Android

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This new release of Linphone brings great improvements in the source code of both the cross-platform Liblinphone library and of the iOS/Android Linphone applications :

  • The size of Liblinphone, our cross-platform VoIP library, has significantly been reduced through a substantial code refactoring. For example, the Android app size has decreased from 38Mo to 18Mo. It is also now possible to enable or disable main features - such as video calling or instant messaging - at compilation time, which largely reduces the size of the produced object code.
    To know more about the build options, please read the readme file of the linphone-sdk project.
  • The overall app performances have been improved to reduce startup time. This will ensure that incoming calls are more timely and reliably notified, even when the app is in the background or closed.
  • SHA256 cryptographic hash algorithm has been implemented, for digest authentication of users' passwords. md5 algorithm was already supported, and it is now possible to use either md5 or SHA256 (SHA256 being used by default in the Linphone mobile apps).
  • On Android, Linphone now uses AAudio, a lightweight native Android alternative to the OpenSL ES library, and Camera2, a widely featured framework for controlling camera devices connected to any Android device, if available.

Read the complete list of added/changed features and fixed issues on linphone-iphone and linphone-android projects on GitLab.

Download for free the latest versions of Linphone from Google Play Store and the App Store.