We are experts in voice and video!

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We offer a complete software solution for the development of applications offering voice/video calls over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging (IM) features:

  • Linphone, a mobile application and a desktop thick client
  • Liblinphone, a multi-platform SDK
  • Flexisip, a server suite composed of a SIP proxy, a presence server, a conference server, and a solution for creating and managing SIP accounts

Application focus:

  • HD Audio/Video calls: support of HD codecs (H.264, H.265, VP8, Opus & AV1) 
  • Dynamic adaptation of compression rates to the network and implementation of the latest standards (PLI, TMMBR, ...)
  • Mediastreamer2, which is a powerful lightweight streaming engine for voice/video calling applications.
  • First modern open source video conferencing solution based on SIP, create multi-participant HD video conferences with 3 display modes
  • Native support for push notifications and audio routes
  • Group conversations 
  • End-to-end ephemeral and encrypted messages
  • File sharing (photos, videos, documents, voice messages)
  • Echo cancellation 48 KHz