For your on-board cards, choose Linphone with Yocto!

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Yocto is an operating system architecture mainly used for embedded systems and home automation. This system lets you build a complete image of a system, including the software you want, and integrate it into an embedded board. This allows you to have an independent device running on your board.

As a result, you can build your own system image for your hardware, including the latest Linphone-sdk release: version 5.2. In fact, our Yocto recipes have recently been updated to run on Yocto's long-term support (LTS) release, which is called Kirkstone. Thanks to this update, you'll be able to easily integrate Linphone-sdk version 5.2 into your embedded board.

If you would like to consult our documentation so that you too can update this protocol and add it to your embedded system, please consult our wiki and GitLab.

We are planning a further development project for continuous integration that will consist of running Liblinphone tests on the compilation results to check that everything is working properly, which we already do for other supported platforms.

What's more, we're also experts in Voip and video for embedded systems: we help you leverage SIP-based open source software to bring advanced audio and video calling features to your products.

To find out more, please consult our brochure.